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Four Fashion Emergency Tips for Senior Adults: How to dress accordingly?

Five Fashion Emergency Tips for Senior Adults: How to dress accordingly?

Do you get torn about what outfit of the day you would like to wear? Is choosing colors more difficult than it seem? Are you worried about embarrassing yourself on a dress that doesn’t suit you? Yes? Well, don’t wallow on self-pity as this is not only a geriatric fashion problem but this occurs at any age especially if you are not a fashionista yourself. But you don’t have to be one! What you need are a few guidelines so that you are wearing clothes that are comfortable and presentable. Ready to hit the ramp and flaunt what you’ve got?

Affinity Caretaker Inc., a non-medical home care in Seven Mile Road Livonia MI, preserves the right of senior individuals to have the freedom of making decisions particularly when it comes to wearing the kind of clothing they fancy donning. We understand living beyond the golden age can be lonely at times but with our professional home care companions, we will share your burden, laughter, thoughts, and even assist you with your fashion disaster moments. Our simple solution rests in focusing what is comfy and not just being trendy!

Check out these easy steps to come out looking smart and stunning.

  • Check on the weather forecast

    The weather condition will help you determine your outfit of the day. Choose the appropriate clothes when it is scorching hot or freezing cold. Always opt for comfort and less on trendsetting. But of course, there is no harm in incorporating that stylistic side of you!

  • Identify activities that you will be doing

    If you are attending a wedding of your grandchild, then choose a cocktail length dress for black tie occasions. Or if you are walking your dog under the heat of the sun, wear your sports garment or anything that you can move freely. Again, know what event you will be attending to avoid an uncomfortable or embarrassing situation. Otherwise, your care companions will advise you!

  • Match your personal style

    The 1950’s style is quite different in today’s look. Although some retro apparels may be a real blast from the past, but it is important to acknowledge what is current. It doesn’t mean though to dress inappropriately such as skimpy skirts, midriff tops, or plunging necklines if you will look hideous. Get to know your own sense of style like designs, colors, and comfort. Stick to what gives you confidence yet, elegant.

  • Be aware of your body size

    Most senior citizens are worried about their bologna arms, varicose veined legs, and flabby stomach that you want to conceal it when choosing the right kind of garment. Although, those are valid points, keep in mind to select garments that do not accentuate your flaws but rather pull off an overall flattering look. Know your body size and dress like it.

Want to speak to a geriatric garment guru? Call Affinity Caretaker Inc. at 248-430-7858 to learn more!

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