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The Important Health Issues of Your Caregivers

The Important Health Issues of Your Caregivers

How do you perceive caregiving? Is it just simply about giving aid to an elderly’s daily living needs? Our caregivers are not superheroes. No matter how dedicated they are in their job, they are simply not invincible. Our job is stressful. Every day we have to deal with senior patients who need both our physical and emotional support. We have multiple tasks in one patient. We have to be both a health-care expert and a good friend.

Today, on this blog, we will discuss the different health problems concerning our caregivers. We need to pay good attention to their health because they play a vital role when it comes to the welfare and health of our senior loved ones. We want to inform the patients and families that we need to prioritize the health of our caregivers as well so that they can continue to render quality service to us.

  1. Caregivers are at risk for physical injuries.

    Physical injuries can range from simple accidents to muscle pains. If you really come to think of it, this is not impossible. With all the physical assistance they will offer to sick and old patients, they have to help them move from one place to another. Hence, they could meet some accidents along the way or their muscles might be overworked at the end of the day. Furthermore, a study conducted by the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists show that the older caregivers experience chronic stress, health impairments, and limitations on their movements. These are the primary indications of possible health problems. If we cannot address this concern right away, we might lose our best partner in health care.

  2. Caregivers lose sleep for their patients.

    This is especially true for caregivers who stay at home with their patients. Many caregivers who live in the same house as their patients admit that they are light sleepers. They tend to be vigilant on their patient in case he needs help. A study conducted by the University of South Florida College of Nursing showed that caregivers who are assigned to patients living with dementia tend to sleep less than eight hours a day. Patients with dementia or memory loss than to be light sleepers and have the tendency to roam around at night. Hence, it is the caregiver’s job to look after them and be alert when this happens. Lack of sleep is attributed to an increased risk of getting into an accident outside, inefficiency at work, or worst, it could lead to increased risk of heart disease.

Truly, caregiving is a noble job. Not everyone can take the challenge to give their time to senior patients who need their help. But then again, they are not superhumans. Every now and then, they need to rest and revive their energy. As clients, we need to understand such needs. And the best way to address this is to give them ample time off from caregiving, allow them to spend time with their family or go in some place for relaxing. You can also have a temporary caregiver for your elderly loved ones or even take a time off from work and spend time with your parents. This is a good way to bond with them as well.

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